European Union prohibits use of plastic cups, swabs and straws

In an effort to combat waste in the oceans, rivers and lakes, as well as pollution as a whole, the European Parliament approved on 27/03 the ban on the consumption of a number of plastic products in the countries that make up the bloc. The list has ten items and includes swabs, dishes, straws, cups, containers for food and beverages. The prohibition becomes effective from 2021.


Simpósio Internacional em Tecnologia Emergentes e Habitats de Inovação

The director of Norvinco Packaging Industry, Jurg Hassenstein, spoke on Friday 15, at the International Sompósio em Tecnologia Emergentes e Habitats de Inovação. The event is held by GETIC - Group of Studies in Technologies, Innovation and Competitiveness of UFAL.


Ecotérmica Box Participates in the largest fair of the segment of the Pharmaceutical Industry, in São Paulo

Between 22nd and 24th May, Norvinco participated in the International Fair of Technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry - FCE Pharma, in São Paulo Expo. The fair is an event that seeks the evolution of various sectors of the Pharmaceutical industry and where the launch of trends, products and services; and even case exposure, content sharing and lectures.

FCE Pharma is an event that combines marketing and sales. This year's Norvinco, Ecotérmica Box, was held at the same event in 2017. Today, Caixa, Ecotérmica, was held at the same event in 2017. (Styrofoam) and XPS.


Norvinco turns news on the IEL / AL website

On April 5 Norvinco gained a spot in the news on the website of the Euvaldo Lodi Institute / AL; The news mentioned the award of the Green Seal that occurred on March 20.

Read the news spread by the Euvaldo Lodi Institute:

Norvinco receives award and official certificate Green Seal of the Socioambiental Institute Chico Mendes!

Norvinco on March 20, in São Paulo received the award and the official Green Seal certificate by the Chico Mendes Institute, for having developed the Ecotérmica Caixa Product, which won in the Product Category of Nature. The seal shows that the company has a commitment to sustainability and the environment.

The Ecotermica Box has been certified as a Friend of Nature Product and won a concession to use the Chico Mendes Green Seal!

The Ecotermica Box was approved for the certification process in the Product Friend of Nature category. Norvinco received the concession to use the Chico Mendes Green Seal. Created by the socio-environmental Institute Chico Mendes, a non-governmental organization, founded in 2004 with the objective of promoting sustainable development. In order to obtain the Green Seal, the product was submitted to a selection process that included evaluation through a questionnaire, technical visit and a final opinion of specialists.

Read the news spread by the Chico Mendes Institute:

The Ecotermica Box Project wins the Inova Talentos 2017 national award

The Euvaldo Lodi Institute (IEL) and the CNPq announced, in a ceremony held in Curitiba, the winners of the Inova Talento Award. A technology developed by Norvinco for the packaging and transport of thermosensitive products. The project consists of a sustainable and innovative Ecothermic box, made from 100% recycled materials.

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Bill wants to ban the use of polystyrene packaging food in Brazil

According to Senator Davi Alcolumbre's the material is considered toxic to the environment. Although it can be recycled, few companies are interested in processing it, due to the large scale, in addition to the low financial return.

The prohibition, which is the subject of this proposal, will not prevent the activities of those entrepreneurs who use Styrofoam, since there are viable and non-harmful alternatives to health and the environment, such as cardboard or polypropylene (thermoplastic resin of the same group of polystyrene and polybutenes, but with strong chemical resistance, low weight, recyclable and non-toxic).

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