The Ecotermica box is a sustainable thermal packaging system made from 100% recyclable materials and it’s composed of corrugated carton and recyclable thermal insulation from recycled materials.

The Ecotermica Box is an Innovative solution that reduces environmental impacts, logistic cost and guarantees the required thermal properties.

It is the first non-use polystyrene thermal box that you can customize and disassemble.

Key Attributes:

     •Foldable: Stored and transported folded (flat), reducing cubing volume by up to 40%;
     •Transport of more boxes and reduce logistical costs
     •Less storage space;
     •Customizable printing: Have all the necessary information printed on the box, advertise your brand !;
     •Custom Size: Box in the size you need;
     •Sustainable product, it complies with the norms of ISO 14000 and Brazilian National Solid Waste Policy (Law no. 12305/2010);
     •100% recyclable and reusable;
     •Cardboard from suppliers with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification;
     •Add value to your company brand and preserve the environment, use sustainable products;
     •Has locking lock, increases safety in transport.

Caixa Ecotérmica - baner.png